Characterization of electrochemical components

Membrane development for divided electrochemical cells
The class of polyphenyl quinoxalines was chosen as the basis for developing the membranes. They have excellent thermo-oxidative and chemical stability. Polycondensation reactions have been successfully performed to create the polyphenyl quinoxalines and for sulfonating as well as quaternizing them, and cost-effective fluorine-reduced membranes have been manufactured.

Electrode development (e.g. diamond electrodes for anodic H2O2 production)
Diamond electrodes were manufactured using hot-wire CVD (chemical vapor deposition), and a reactor structure was built that permitted the direct anodic production of H2O2.

Electrochemical analytics and quality assurance
In the course of the project, systematic analysis procedures were developed in order to study and evaluate electrochemical components. These include an aging test, material characterization methods and benchmark analyses.

The “Characterization of electrochemical components” area provides the following innovative solutions for industrial applications:

  • Characterizing innovative ion-conducting membranes with low fluorine content
  • Electrochemical test cells for quality assurance in electrodes and membranes
  • Aging test to evaluate long-term durability of electrochemical components

Damage analyses of electrochemical components