Business and innovation center


In order to harness the potential of electrochemistry as well as the potential of electricity and CO2 as raw materials, basic knowledge must be combined with application knowledge as well as with the associated markets and sustainable recycling chains. Fraunhofer has established a new plat- form concept for the “Electricity as a resource” application: the Business and Innovation Center (BIC). On this platform, researchers work with marketing experts and business development mana- gers in various sectors to design industry-relevant services.

The Business and Innovation Center provides R&D services for industry and society, and acts as a nucleus and technology center for spin-offs. The result is Fraunhofer’s “eSource®” brand universe, which combines all of its competences, products, processes and services involving electrochemistry.

We will be happy to work with you to help develop your project. You can count on our expertise in:

  • Process development, construction, and operation of pilot plants (batch and continuous operation)
  • Developing and testing (electro-) catalysts, cells, and stacks
  • Procedures for manufacturing and testing electrodes for electrochemical processes
  • Developing ion-conducting polymer membranes
  • Analyzing and characterizing catalysts, electrodes, cells, and membranes
  • Modeling, simulation, and optimization
  • System analysis and sustainability assessment
  • Innovation management
  • Project and business model development