Results at a glance


The “Electricity as a resource” lighthouse project has developed new electrochemical processes, demonstrated them at the technical level, and analyzed their connection to the German energy system. The following results have been obtained:

Electrochemical processes

  • Producing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • Converting carbon dioxide (CO2) to ethene (C2H4)
  • Converting carbon dioxide (CO2) to short-chain alcohols and acids (high-pressure electrolysis)
  • Converting carbon dioxide (CO2) to long-chain alcohols (high-temperature co-electrolysis and optimized Fischer-Tropsch process)


  • Optimized catalysts
  • New electrode systems
  • New ion-conducting polymer membranes

System evaluation

  • Modeling and optimization tools
  • Market analyses and business models
  • New methods for assessing sustainability

Fraunhofer offers the following range of competences for innovations in electrochemical syntheses:

  • Process development as well as constructing and operating pilot plants (batch and continuous operation)
  • Developing and testing (electro-) catalysts, cells, and stacks
  • Procedures for manufacturing and testing electrodes for electrochemical processes
  • Developing ion-conducting polymer membranes
  • Analyzing and characterizing catalysts, electrodes, cells, and membranes
  • Modeling, simulation, and optimization
  • System analysis and sustainability assessment
  • Innovation management
  • Project and business-model development